15 November 2023

The University of South Australia’s Creative People, Products and Places Research Centre (CP3) is delighted to present this free, one-day symposium, which brings together creative practitioners and/or researchers with community groups and academics working with disability, mental health, and/or chronic illness.

CP3 is interested in developing a clearer understanding of ways to contribute to and align itself with arts-based practices and research in Adelaide. To this end, the main goal of the Health and Humanities Symposium is to strengthen relationships between creative practitioners of varied disciplines, local community organisations, and academics/researchers from other departments and universities whose work revolves around disability, mental health, and/or chronic illness.

The symposium will include presentations on cross-disciplinary research, and a panel on the interim findings of an Adelaide-based research project on Supporting Neurodiverse Comics Creators. This forum also aspires to forge new relationships, with a view to developing cross-disciplinary projects, collaborative research, and joint publications that explore the interface between creative research and the medical humanities.

More details and registration coming soon.


Tickets coming soon