23 September 2021

Disability Studies in Education: A framework for designing inclusive curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices

Presented by

Professor Missy Morton, The University of Auckland

In this seminar, Professor Missy Morton will position her research in Disability Studies in Education as a framework to identify gaps in theory, practices and the spaces in between. Drawing on findings from her project, Using Narrative Assessment to Support Secondary School Teachers’ Inclusive Practices, Professor Morton will highlight how researchers and teachers in a New Zealand secondary school collaborated to develop narrative assessment approaches that documented learning for students whose needs did not necessarily align with the school curriculum.

Professor Morton will argue that Disability Studies in Education can be a framework used to identify gaps in theory and practice, providing an opportunity to reframe theory and practice across classrooms, schools and policy in more inclusive ways. As Morton et al. (2021, p.3) argue, the social construction of disability and competence can be challenged through sociocultural approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment that acknowledge the importance of context for understanding how young people learn and engage in and with education.

Professor Missy Morton is a Professor of Disability Studies and Inclusive Education at The University of Auckland. She has conducted a number of Ministry of Education projects focussed on supporting teachers and schools to build their confidence and competence in ensuring all learners are welcomed, they are learning and achieving, and have a real sense of belonging. These projects include the research and development of the Curriculum Exemplars for Learners with Special Education Needs  and the Narrative Assessment: A Guide for Teachers. These projects reviewed international literature on individual education plans and special education assessment practices that in turn, supported the development of the guide Collaboration for Success: Individual Education Plans and most recently, the research, development and evaluation of the online resources Teachers and Teachers’ Aides Working Together.  More details available here.

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