Country profiles

Gender budgets logoProfiles of the experiences of gender-responsive budgeting of countries in the region are provided for selected countries as part of the Gender-Responsive Budgeting in the Asia-Pacific Region project.

In the country profiles we seek to provide an understanding of the different approaches to gender-responsive budgeting, the enabling and constraining factors operating within a country, the groups involved and the tools and strategies adopted. Some country profiles are provided in a short form while others are a long version, with the latter providing additional background on the country.

The country profiles (long versions) outline the:

  • country's context
  • key gender equality issues and the institutional arrangements in place
  • budgetary context and
  • gender-responsive budgeting experiences of the country with a focus on the national budgets.

The research team drew on a broad range of sources for the country profiles including published research and reports, 'grey literature' and comments by key actors in the field. A list of references is provided for each country profile.

See the glossary for definitions of key terms (PDF 407 kb).
The explanatory notes explain the data used in tables in the profiles and its sources (PDF 290 kb).

The profiles

The country profiles are PDF files of less than 1 MB.

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Indonesia | Japan | Korea | Laos | Malaysia | Mongolia | Myanmar | Nepal | New Zealand |
Pacific Islands Countries and Territories | Pakistan | Philippines | Republic of the Marshall Islands |
Singapore | Sri Lanka | Taiwan | Thailand | Timor-Leste | Vietnam |

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