Gender-responsive budgeting in the Asia-Pacific region

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A growing number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region have undertaken gender-responsive budgeting activities. Gender-responsive budgeting uses a variety of tools to 'follow the money' from government budgets to its impacts and outcomes for different groups of men and women, boys and girls. It also involves strategies for changing budgetary processes and policies so that expenditures and revenues reduce inequalities between men and women.

Schoolgirls, Dili, Timor LesteThis website is part of a broader research project, Gender-Responsive Budgeting in the Asia-Pacific Region. It aims to document the experiences with gender-responsive budgeting of selected countries in the region. In doing so, it seeks to highlight the variety of tools and strategies adopted and the factors that enable and constrain the implementation of these initiatives. The researchers seek to examine the potential of different gender-responsive budgeting approaches to progress women's economic empowerment. We hoped that furthering these understandings will inspire parliamentarians, government officials, researchers, civil society organisations and international agencies to implement gender equality commitments effectively.

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