OT Symposium 2022

Annual OT Symposium, hosted by UniSA in partnership with both Flinders and Adelaide Universities

To help view the sessions, timings for each of the agenda items are provided below:

  • Start of recording - Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country
  • Time 00:03:20 - Framing current student placement experiences during COVID; and Updates.  Dr Angela Berndt (UniSA), Emma George (Adelaide Uni), Ali Dymmott (Flinders Uni)
  • Time 01:24:30 – Telehealth and student placements panel discussion.  Dr Carolyn Murray (UniSA) and Mrs Lisa Porter (UniSA DRH)
  • Time 02:16:00 – Students’ Mental Health on placement.  Dr Gareth Furber (Flinders)
  • Time 04:14:00 – Addressing the current recruitment climate.  Dr Ben Sellar (UniSA) and Sarah McMullen-Roach (UniSA)