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It’s time to start thinking about SP5.

Due to Covid19 and the requirements for social distancing there have been some additions and changes to the timetable. This has meant that some courses will have the option of a scheduled Zoom tutorial.

The following courses will have a Zoom tutorial option available:

If you enjoyed studying via Zoom in SP2 you may wish to continue studying in this mode for SP5. This option is open to all students, including regional. To do this, you need to ‘drop’ your enrolment in the Face to Face class, and enroll in the EXTERNAL mode in 'myEnrolment'. You will see the listed zoom tutorial times in the EXTERNAL delivery for these courses.

If you prefer to study Face to face, there are now more classes open.

No matter which way you prefer to study, the College Academic team will be here to support your studies and success.

Please go ahead and review your enrolment NOW. You can do this through the Student Portal ‘myEnrolment’ tab.

Please note: If you did not pass University Studies, English Language Studies and Communication for Academic Purposes in SP2, you need to re-enrol in this for SP5.

Please consider:
*The option to Withdraw from SP2 courses exists until July 28th. You may wish to consider this in order to protect your GPA. We strongly encourage you to exercise this option if you have NOT passed a course. For more information about Withdrawing, please click here.
**A NGP (Non-graded pass) is only available if you have a PASS grade for the course. If you have NOT passed the course, an NGP is not an available option.
For more information about  NGP, please click here.