Course videos

These videos are designed to give you an idea about what to expect for courses (subjects) offered through UniSA College.  Students are encouraged to use these videos as a resource for their course selection. 

University Studies 

Introduces you to the world of higher education and provides you with all the skills you need for all your future tertiary studies.


Critical Literacy

Develops your ability to remain critical when reading and writing and realise that all texts convey messages in diverse ways. 

English Language Studies

Enables second language learners of English to improve their awareness, understanding and use of English language in social and academic contexts.


Information Skills

Students will develop their skills in research, evaluation and technology. 


Individual and Group Skills

An introduction to business communication. Students will be encouraged to develop their presentation skills and their expression through the written word. 


Australian Culture and Society

Looks at Australian culture and society. It focusses on different topics including gender roles, our history and our future. 

Business Fundamentals

Provides a basic understanding of modern business environments and core functional areas of business including organisational management, marketing and promotion and production and operations management.  


Digital Literacy

Focusses on screen, web and new media. Students will look at how digital techs are created and they will explore the meanings behind films, game and web design.


Introductory Computing

Provides basic computing skills necessary for university studies and in the workplace. 

Maths Fundamentals

Aimed at students who have not previously undertaken specialised studies in mathematics. This course will provide an introduction to basic mathematical concepts and tools required for further study.


Person and Society

Looks beyond Australia‚Äôs borders to consider key issues in contemporary global society. This is done through exploring the interconnectedness of the world through the processes of globalisation. 


Science for Tertiary Learning

Students will learn about science - the general scientific methodology, to basic fundamentals of physics, chemistry and biology. 


Communication for Academic Purposes

Builds on the key skills required for written work at an academic and professional level. 


Introduction to Anatomy

Intends to give you a platform of knowledge of the neuromuscular and muscular skeletal components of the human body. 


Essential Mathematics

Develops essential mathematics foundation applied in numerous other subjects. Students will apply basic calculation skills in the topics which include algebra. 


Introductory Economics and Finance

Will build skills in economics and personal finance through logical and wide-ranging techniques. Leads to a career in business, economics and finance. 


Introductory Quantitative Skills

Provides a foundation training in quantitative skills, which is essential for foundation level students for analysing statistical data and drawing inferences from that analysis.



For more detail about what to enrol in, please download your enrolment advice from your student portal. New UniSA College students must book into a compulsory Enrolment Session to complete their enrolment.