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As a University with a strong commitment to equity, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access further education. Whether you have completed year 12, have no previous qualifications or you’ve already studied at a tertiary level through university or a Vocation Education and Training (VET) organisation, UniSA offers a range of entry pathways to university study.

General admission requirements

To be eligible for admission to a UniSA coursework degree, you must meet both UniSA’s minimum entry requirements and any degree specific prerequisites where specified. This may include auditions, education statements or police checks for some of our degrees.

Applicants will be selected for entry on the basis of meeting the eligibility criteria and achieving a competitive Selection Rank in the relevant pathway.

If you are an international applicant you must also meet the English language proficiency requirements. International applicants may also need to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislative requirements, for example, requirements for student visas.  

If you are a domestic applicant with overseas qualifications you will need to apply through SATAC. Your qualifications will be assessed by SATAC to determine their equivalence.

Selection Rank

The Selection Rank is the actual ranking that UniSA uses to select applicants for admission into a program. For domestic year 12 applicants the Selection Rank is your ATAR including any adjustment factors (e.g. bonus points).

Australian Government Applicant groupings

The Australian Government has defined four applicant groups for the purpose of initially directing prospective students, family and others to the admissions criteria; and for reporting on the outcomes of past admissions periods. They are:

Group A: Higher Education

Group B: Vocational education training (VET)

Group C: Recent secondary education (those who have completed year 12 within the last two years)

Group D: Work and life experience

These applicant groups are not necessarily how an applicant is selected for entry at UniSA, they are more an indication of the cohort of applicants competing for entry and the cohort of students who commence in a program at UniSA.

UniSA admissions student profile

 UniSA sub-quotas

UniSA uses sub-quotas for selecting applicants for entry. The main sub-quotas are year 12, higher education, vocational education training (VET), Bridging studies and Special Entry (e.g. STAT). An applicant can compete in more than one sub-quota.

  • Year 12 includes recent secondary education applicants (those who have completed year 12 in the previous 2 years), as well as those who completed year 12 more than two years ago, providing they have not completed more than two years of equivalent full-time tertiary study.
  • Higher Education includes applicants who have partly of fully completed a tertiary program from a recognised higher education provider. It also includes applicants who have completed at least 4 courses from Open Universities Australia or completed a Diploma program from SAIBT or Eynesbury.
  • VET sub-quota includes applicants with completed qualifications from TAFE and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
  • The bridging studies sub-quota includes applicants who have completed UniSA College foundation studies or equivalent preparation or enabling course of one year, providing they have not completed more than two years of equivalent full-time tertiary study
  • Special Entry includes STAT and Aboriginal Pathways applicants

Information on each pathway is provided from the menu on this page so that you can identify the most relevant for your circumstances.

Areas of study and research

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