Fees and finance

As a Domestic student, you may be eligible to apply to defer payment of some or all of your tuition fees via the Commonwealth Government’s HECS-HELP (Commonwealth supported program) or FEE-HELP (fee-paying program) loan schemes.

Commonwealth Supported program

Your tuition will be partially funded by the Commonwealth Government. The remaining tuition fees are referred to as your ‘student contribution’ amount, which you can defer in part or wholly to a HECS-HELP Loan. Your student contribution amount is determined by your area of study. More information

Fee-paying program

You are responsible for paying the full tuition fees for your study, which you can defer in part or wholly to a FEE-HELP Loan. More information

For further details on fees for the area of postgrad study you are considering please visit our program information page and enter the area of study in the search field.

International students

As an International student, you are not eligible to defer your tuition fees. Visit our international Students for further information about tuition fees and payments.

Your fees and finance: What type of student are you?