Kyle Buthod

Kyle Buthod - USA

“My two photography teachers shaped my work more than anyone ever has. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from these skilled and well-established professionals. My marketing/media planning instructor had a plethora of real-world experience that made the course interesting, accurate, and understandable. Lastly, the Aboriginal Studies course that I took was amazing. My instructor was so knowledgeable. I had the opportunity to spend free time with some of the greatest people I have ever met, the other exchange students, who were from all around the world. I travelled like there was no tomorrow!”

Maren Bakkejord Hansen

Maren Bakkejord Hansen - Norway

“Australia is a very multicultural country, and a lot of international students come here to study. I’ve met friends from Asia, USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Australia and other countries. The people here are really relaxed and nice. They greet you with ‘How you goin’?’, and don’t really expect an answer, but it makes you feel welcome. The suburbs go all the way out to the beach, which is absolutely wonderful. A lot of Norwegians choose to live by the beach, and I absolutely recommend it. There is the Adelaide Central Market in the city, which sells a lot of international food – they even sell brunost!”

Melina Mahoney

Melina Mahoney - USA

"Adelaide is great. Coming from the U.S., it was an adjustment because it was the little things that were different. But it was very easy to settle in due to the helpful people and the beautiful environment. The University of South Australia is the reason I am living at Ipad Unilodge. I found the apartment on one of the University's websites under accommodation. Since I leased the apartment before I arrived in Adelaide, I wanted to find a place that was associated with the University and a trusted place as well."

Areas of study and research

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