Bader Alahmadi - Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia

Bader Alahmadi, Bachelor of Nursing (IBNU)

Why did you choose to study at the University of South Australia (UniSA)?

“When we contacted our friends who were studying in Australia, we realised that Adelaide is a suitable city to study in.”

What are the benefits of UniSA and their teaching staff?

“What I enjoy most about studying at UniSA is the Clinical practice and using the Library facilities. The quality of the teaching staff are great. When we sometimes struggle with English as a second language, we have been kindly supported by the University team.

I undertook a work placement and despite it being difficult, I have learned a lot including other cultures’ point of view, coping with the nursing process and understanding the health care system.

At UniSA I have used the services of the Learning and Teaching Unit and the Orientation program. The services I used were helpful. I study at City East campus and have used the Library, computer rooms and Prayer (Muslim) Room.”

What are your impressions of Adelaide?

“Since I arrived to Adelaide, I have experienced lots of things that have changed my lifestyle. It is always great to bring something new in your life that might improve you or make your life easier. For example, I have become more patient compared to my previous lifestyle. Also, I have more of an understanding of other cultures’ point of view. It was easy to make new friends and a good opportunity. The aspects of Adelaide that appeal to me are the climate, diversity and the availability of mosques.”

What is your advice to others?

“My advice is to:

  1. understand the western culture
  2. recognise that Australia has multicultural groups
  3. understand the traffic rules in order to avoid expensive fines”
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