Siyamana Othero Mulele – Namibia



Siyamana Othero Mulele, Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability (Urban Ecology) (LMES)

Why did you choose to study at the University of South Australia (UniSA)?

“I chose UniSA because the program I am doing is in line with my career path but also aligns with my country’s skills and knowledge needs.”

What are the benefits of UniSA and their teaching staff?

“When applying for UniSA I was amazed at how I could track the processing of the application from the day it was received and the rest of the stages it had to go through, within a week I was able to view the final status of my application.

What I enjoy most about UniSA is the facilities available for my studies, such as library services that I can access at the University or at my home, and the supportive nature of the staff from the Learning and Teaching Unit and academic staff.

UniSA have highly trained and qualified staff, with immense background experience and knowledge of their course areas. The academic staff provide necessary assistance in guiding students to understand what is required in the assessment tasks. Assessment tasks are aligned with learning objectives that is to be achieved throughout the course.

UniSA Campus Central were useful in the first few weeks for directing me as a new student on campus, as I didn’t know my way around. Secondly, they were very useful in my initial registration and when obtaining my student card.

The Introductory Academic Program offered by the Learning and Teaching Unit was very useful in delivering expected academic conduct during the studies. The Program covers particular issues such as academic integrity and approaching long writing tasks. The Introductory Academic Program is a very good program to attend before studies can begin if you are an international student. Campus Central are always ready and very useful to assist with academic issues, and where not possible to assist they are able to point you in the right direction.

UniSA has the very best: facilities to support academic learning, and technology in terms of computers, printing and online access to the Library. There is just so much for one to do their studies to the best of his/her ability. UniSA learning is delivered both through individual and collaborative efforts, which enables you to apply your own abilities but also learn from others.

My home campus is Mawson Lakes but most courses I take are at City East campus. Like other campuses, the facilities are of a good quality standard and the staff are very supportive. I mostly use the Library and the computer labs.

International student services assisted with my arrival accommodation, which I decided to stay in on a permanent basis. I live in a student accommodation facility in the city centre of Adelaide. International student services provide the best student accommodation for a student which is convenient to City East and City West campuses, but also the convenience of private space and internet facilities.”

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