Teresa Lau - Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Teresa Lau, Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management) (MBAR)

Why did you choose to study at the University of South Australia (UniSA)?

“I chose to study at the University of South Australia because it had a strong reputation and flexible study options.”


“My advice to the future students is to enjoy their study life at UniSA and to make use of all the campus facilities to brighten their university life.”


What are the benefits of UniSA and their teaching staff?

“The UniSA program provided me with knowledge on many different topics, for example advertising, public relations, creative writing and so on. These subjects interested me a lot and some of them even provided us with practical tutorials which UniSA would provide a video camera and all other shooting equipment for us to participate in real life group work.

Studying at UniSA provided me with the opportunity to meet and work with many different people from different cultural backgrounds. I gained a lot of knowledge not just from text books but also real life situations, for example time management and communication skills. In addition, all the UniSA teaching staff were very helpful with my studies. As one of the international students, many of the UniSA teaching staff would pay extra attention to us. They would sometimes form a teaching group for us in their own time to help us with our studies.

As an international student, you often come up with issues like language problems or paperwork etc. I quite often visited the Learning and Teaching Unit for some advice when I came across difficulties with my assignments. Whenever I was unclear with my assignment, I would make an appointment with the Learning and Teaching Unit who were always willing to offer assistance. Moreover, as English is my second language, I would often bring my finished assignment to the Learning and Teaching Unit and their friendly staff would go through my assignment with me and point out my mistakes, such as grammatical problems and sentence formatting. They would then teach me how to correct the mistakes that I made. The Learning and Teaching Unit was very helpful for my university life.

UniSA’s facilities were very comprehensive, I would often visit the library and computer pool for researching and working on assignments. I was provided with in-depth knowledge from helpful teaching staff and enjoyed the hands-on, practical experience this degree provided. I now work for a large advertising agency in Hong Kong as an Account Executive, liaising with clients, the creative department and external suppliers. I have worked on many exciting projects and believe that my UniSA degree was crucial in assisting me in my career successes so far.”

What are your impressions of Adelaide?

“UniSA has five campuses and I primarily attended the Magill campus as it was the home campus for communication studies. It was a very beautiful campus with some open area where students could sit on the grass to study and gather with friends.”

What is your advice to others?

“My advice to the future students is to enjoy their study life at UniSA and to make use of all the campus facilities to brighten their university life.”

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