Felix Ruess



Felix Ruess, Study Abroad

Why did you choose to study at the University of South Australia (UniSA)?

“I chose to study at UniSA because students who previously went to UniSA told me the Uni is very good. ”

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff? How have they supported you during your studies?

“This is my overseas studies and I also worked as a waiter in a pub which really helped me to settle in. ”

Why did you choose Adelaide and what was your first impression?

“I chose Adelaide because the students from Germany preferred Adelaide rather than Melbourne because everything is within walking distance. The first impression was like: “Uff, this town looks really quiet!” However, it is not!! ”

What was the biggest cultural or lifestyle change in coming to Adelaide and how did you adapt?

“The biggest change for me was to live by myself and being independent without the help of my parents. However, I met new students pretty quickly and this helped me to adapt very easy to the new country and lifestyle in Australia.”

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