How do I contact lecturers and tutors?

If a student has course-specific questions, the Course Coordinator is generally the student's first port of call. Contact details for Course Coordinators are in the "My Current Studies" section of the myUniSA student portal.

Staff are unable to discuss a student's academic progress with you because they are bound by confidentiality.

Short-term absence

In the event that a student is unable to attend university for a short period of time after time they will need to collect supporting documentation for their absence to substantiate any request made for special consideration e.g. extensions on assignment due dates. If their absence coincides with a major course commitment they will need to contact affected staff e.g. a Tutor or Course Coordinator. 

If the student's absence is likely to affect their course outcome, they may wish to talk to a Counsellor at the Learning and Teaching Unit to discuss an extension of time-frames.

Longer-term absence

In the event that a student is unable to attend university for a medium to long period of time it is important to ensure that Course Coordinators are aware of the student's circumstances:

  • If the student is unable to act on their own behalf you may want to contact the Learning and Teaching Unit for advice.
  • When the student is able, they are encouraged to contact their Course Coordinators or Program Director. They will need to discuss how to catch up on missed work and negotiate assignment extensions if necessary.
  • If the student has special circumstances and feels they are not able to catch up on studies and/or ends up failing the study period, then an Application for Amendment to Enrolment and Fees in Special Circumstances may be lodged. This application is available through myUniSA. Counsellors in the Learning and Teaching Unit can assist with these special requests.


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