FAQs on Travel Emergencies

1. What do I do in an emergency whilst overseas?

For urgent assistance anywhere in the world, please click here for emergency contact details.

2. Who is International SOS?

International SOS (ISOS) is one of the world's leading medical and travel security risk services companies. The University has partnered with ISOS to offer anyone travelling on behalf of the University medical, safety and security advice, referrals, emotional support, and routine and emergency assistance when travelling or living abroad.

3. How do I register with ISOS?

All UniSA staff and students travelling on behalf of the University are required to complete an Appian-based Business Travel Request (BTR) form. The BTR must also be completed by a travel arranger for any travel organised for visitors.

To access the BTR, navigate to your Business Travel portal in Appian. Your portal provides links to the BTR form and your Traveller Profile (which must be updated before each request), as well as links to your current and historic BTRs (when initiated within Appian).

The BTR form must be used to initiate all new requests for business travel, with the exception of:

  • domestic travel, when booked through Serko by  eligible staff; and
  • travel that has been arranged by third parties in compliance with the exceptions set out in sections 4.5 and 4.6 of  the Travel Guidelines â€“ in this case, the finalised itinerary must be lodged with the Travel Team using the dedicated functionality provided in the new BTR form.

These guides provide assistance on how to create, amend, cancel and duplicate a business travel request for the purpose of booking travel with the University's Travel Team or via Serko (online booking tool) using the Appian system.

4. Does ISOS have a 24-hour hotline?

Yes, the ISOS assistance centers are staffed 24/7/365 by doctors and nurses, security experts, multi-lingual coordinators, and logistics support personnel. If you have any travel related concerns or an emergency, please call your nearest assistance center. The contact details for ISOS can be located within your trip folder provided by the University Travel Team and is also located on your itinerary. ISOS assistance centers will accept collect calls.

5. How does ISOS capture my travel details?

All travel booked via the University Travel Team is automatically queued to the ISOS system to ensure that all traveller’s can be tracked in the event of general travel disruptions, terrorist attacks or natural disasters. 

6. What do I do if a third party insists on arranging and paying for my travel or if I have arranged private side-trips to accompany business travel?

When travel is arranged outside of the University Travel Team, the itineraries submitted via the Business Travel Request are loaded into the ISOS system to ensure that ALL University traveller's can be located when required in an emergency.

7. What do I do if an amendment is made to my travel plans outside of the University Travel Team?

Any subsequent amendments to travel booked outside the University Travel Team after the Business Travel Request is submitted (including any personal side-trips) are required to be entered into the ISOS system, instructions to do so can be located here.