Pre-departure information and FAQs

Here is some pre-departure information and frequently asked questions to take into consideration when planning your short term exchange:

  •  Do I need to organise my own accommodation?
    Each short term exchange program has varying accommodation requirements

  •  When do I need to arrange my flights?
    If you are participating in a short term exchange program or third-party provider program please ensure that you plan your flights and travel ahead of time, it is your responsibility as the student to manage this process. However if you are attending a UniSA organised study tour please ensure that you follow the advice provided to you from the local area.

  •  Do I need to advise anyone of my travel plans?
    As a UniSA Student we recommend that you register your travel itinerary with the University’s crisis response management partner, International SOS (iSOS). For instructions on how to do this please see the website here.

  •  How do I work out how many units my short term exchange is equivalent to at UniSA?
    Should you require assistance on finding out the course equivalency for the short term exchange program that you have chosen at a UniSA exchange partner, please visit the UniSA Credit Equivalencies Table.

  •  Does the university cover me for travel insurance?
    As you are attending a short term exchange program and gaining academic credit for your travel & study abroad you are eligible to apply for UniSA’s travel insurance. Please contact the UniSA Insurance Team to advise them of your travel dates, if you wish to be covered by UniSA Insurance.

  •  Steps of applying for UniSA Travel Insurance:
    •  Step one - Complete the UniSA Travel Insurance Student Assessment form (Travel insurance assessment). It is important to declare any pre-existing medical conditions.

    •  Step two – Email the completed form to the UniSA Insurance team The UniSA Insurance office will let you know more information about the Uni’s Travel Insurance;
      •  Their trip exceeds 270 days;
      •  They are over 75; and/or
      •  They have an existing medical condition which could possibly require treatment or medication while travelling
  •  Do I need to register with the Australian Government Smart Traveller?
    It is your responsibility to register with Smart Traveller, UniSA strongly suggests that you do this prior to your trip.

  •  Do I need to apply for a visa for my short term exchange program?
    Should you require a visa for your study abroad experience, please ensure that you apply for your visa with considerable amount of lead time prior to your travel departure date. Things to consider when applying for your visa and travels: ensure that you have at least 6 months on your passport after your return, provide your travel itinerary – accommodation and flight details, if you are an international student please ensure that there are no breaches to your current visa in Australia applying for another visa to study elsewhere.

    Visas Direct is a visa processing company which we suggest you may use to make your visa application process a bit easier for you:

  •  How do I apply for OS HELP?
    Applications must be submitted prior to the student leaving for their overseas study, however no more than 6 months before the departure date.

    Apply for OS-HELP via the myScholarships link on your myUniSA student portal.

    Contact with any questions.

  •  How do I apply for the UniSA Travel Grants?
    When you submit your application for short term exchange you will be assessed at the same time for your grant eligibility. You do not need to submit separate application to be considered for the UniSA Travel Grant.

  •  Are there any other travel grants or scholarships available to me?
    If you are a UniSA Business School Student there are additional grants available to you, please visit the Business School Website to find out more information about their competitive grants.

  •   Should I meet with a GP prior to traveling to organise any medication for pre-existing medical conditions?
    We suggest that you meet with your GP prior to departure to ensure that you are up to date with any regular prescription medication and an overall health check to travel. If you are receiving your prescription medication in bulk, please ensure that you ask your GP for a letter stating that they have provided you with your medication for your trip.

  •   Do I need to advise Centrelink of my short term exchange program?
    If you currently receive payments from Centrelink, it may be possible to continue receiving payments while you are studying overseas. You will need to notify Centrelink that you will be studying overseas and submit the required paperwork. UniSA International can provide you with a letter to support this. Find more information by contacting Centrelink directly.

  •   If this is my first time travelling abroad what support can I access from UniSA?
    Please ensure that you advise the Study Overseas office if you require any support from your academic studies to personal reasons by emailing As you remain a UniSA student whilst you are on short term exchange you still have access to all support facilities from afar. Please visit our counselling website for more information.

  •  Will I get homesick when I am on short term exchange?
    It is normal to feel different or homesick whilst on exchange, even if it is for a short amount of time. Please ensure that you prepare yourself before the trip eg. Experiencing a different culture, food, arrange ways to speak to your family and friends back home regularly, can you access wifi or buy a local sim card easily.

  •  How do I apply for credit upon my return?
    If you have attended a third-party provider short exchange program, please submit an application for credit form to campus central.

    If you have attended an exchange partner university you will be enrolled in a 4.5 unit course at UniSA and upon your return and successful completion of your short term exchange program – the receipt of your transcript will allow us to process your grades to be applied to your record. Please note the grade for exchange will be either Non-Graded Pass or Fail.

  •  What if I need to withdraw from the short term exchange program?
    You must notify us immediately if your plans change and you will no longer participate in the nominated overseas program. If you do not complete the nominated short-term program you will be required to refund your Travel Grant payment, unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated. Failure to do so may result in you being placed in Bad Financial Standing and/or other serious consequences.

  •   How can I share my experience with other students?
    UniSA Study Overseas has an Instagram page that you can tag us in so we can keep in touch with your travels. Our Instagram tag is @unisaoverseas

    Also you are able to visit the Global Society website which UniSA students are members of where you can share or gain insights into your exchange from other students. Please visit their website for more information:

  •   Can I talk with other students who have previously gone on short term exchange?
    UniSA have past student ambassadors which can assist you with any questions you may have prior to your departure or in your researching exchange opportunities stage, please visit our website to see their feedback on their experience in their returned student reports.