Short term opportunities

Short term international study opportunities are usually shorter than a traditional semester exchange program, and are arranged by you – the student.

Opportunities are open to undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) students and you will need to meet some selection criteria.

Steps to get started:


Consider your destination and type of activity. You can select from opportunities we've listed or source your own opportunity (eg: other universities or third party providers).


Contact your Program Director to discuss your options and seek approval for a minimum 4.5 units credit toward your current program. Your Program Director will need to complete the Academic Credit Confirmation form (staff access only).


Check eligibility criteria  for a travel grant and complete the application


If you are seeking a place at one of UniSA partner Universities which are managed by UniSA your travel grant application will also act as your application for a place in your chosen overseas program.

Alternatively, if you are sourcing your own opportunity, applying for a non-UniSA managed opportunity with a partner/non-partner university, or an opportunity through a third party provider (eg: ACICIS, AIM, AIC, CISAustralia) you will need to apply directly to your chosen provider to be considered for a place in addition to submitting your application for a travel grant.


We will contact you to advise if your application has been approved and, if you are eligible, we will provide advice on payment of the travel grant.


On your return to UniSA following your overseas experience you will need to complete a brief report about your experience and an Application for Credit form. Attach the Program Director's approval (which the Study Overseas office will provide) to the credit form and submit to Campus Central for your credit to be processed.

Study tours

International Study tours are arranged by University School or Academic staff. You will travel with a group of students to the same location or institution as part of your program. If the Program Director agrees to give you at least 4.5 units of credit and you meet the criteria you may be eligible to receive a travel grant of AUD $1,000 towards expenses.

Further information for staff - Study Tours

Study tour to India

Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program

The Mawson Lakes Fellowship Program is sponsored by the South Australian Government, three of the State's universities (Flinders University, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia) and MACAJ, a consortium of leading Japanese companies. It provides scholarships each year for South Australian postgraduate students studying in the fields of urban innovation and innovative urban planning and development to study in Japan for up to six months. In turn, three Japanese students are given the opportunity to study in Adelaide.



Begin the application process by completing the online application form

Criteria for a travel grant

Criteria for a travel grant

Find out more about the criteria for short term study and study tours.

current opportunities

Current Opportunities

Prepare a budget appropriate to the country that you plan to study in.

Areas of study and research

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