Hawke Ambassador

Application for the Hawke Ambassador International Volunteer Experience Program (Travel Grant)

Apply here for your travel grant but make sure you submit your formal application for the Hawke Ambassador Program via the Hawke Centre.

This form can be used for undergraduate students applying for the Hawke Ambassador Program Travel Grant.

Please note this form is for University of South Australia students only. Please review the application in full prior to commencing the application as you will not be able to save this form.

Please note all fields marked with * must be completed in order to submit this form.

Destination and Timing

Name of Non Government Organisation (NGO):


Proposed country where you will undertake your program:


When do you plan to undertake this program?




Your Personal Details

Correspondence will be sent to the

mailing address that you have registered in myUniSA. It is your responsibility

to keep your contact details on myUniSA up to date.

Student ID:


Family name:


Given name(s):


Program in which you are enrolled:



Student email address:


Emergency Contact Person

Emergency contacts are used by the University event that you are involved in a major incident overseas, or if we urgently require information about your whereabouts or your program and we are unable to contact you.











Mobile / Contact telephone number:


Conditions of Participation in the Hawke Ambassador International Volunteer Experience Program

As a University of South Australia student participating in the Hawke Ambassador International Volunteer Experience Program, I understand that I remain subject to the rules and regulations of the University of South Australia.

I also undertake to:

  • accept financial responsibility for all of my personal expenses, including accommodation, if applicable, during the program period

  • meet any pre-departure academic preparation specified by my School

  • arrange suitable travel, including appropriate visas, personal and medical arrangements and insurance provisions for myself

  • arrange for my University of South Australia enrolment fees to be paid on my behalf each study period while I am away

  • abide by advice from the UniSA International office regarding student contribution payments, re-enrolment proxies and examination assessments

  • provide the UniSA International office with contact details prior to departure

  • fulfill my role as an ambassador for the University of South Australia, respect the culture, abide by the laws of the host country and by the regulations of the NGO

  • consult relevant NGO staff promptly, and if necessary, consult the UniSA International office, should any problems arise in relation to my program

I accept the terms and conditions listed above:


Student Declaration

  • I confirm I have received approval from Dr Daniel Biro, School of Communication, International Studies and Languages, to undertake the Hawke Ambassador program.

  • I agree to inform UniSA International immediately if there is any change to the information given in this application.

  • I understand that the University of South Australia may vary or cancel any decision it makes if the information I have given is incorrect or incomplete.

  • I declare that the information provided by me in this application is true and complete.