Research Themes

The Institute for Choice is a world-leader in the development of methodologies for understanding and predicting human behaviour, and the application of these methodologies to inform practice and policy across multiple disciplines.

Choice Modelling

The Institute for Choice is a world-leader in choice modelling and research. Our research is expanding the frontier of academic and applied research in choice decision-making. We specialize in discrete choice experiments, integrating psychological constructs such as goals and attitudes into models of behaviour, and nonparametric choice models.  



Researchers at I4C are engaged in industry and academic research on a wide range of subjects of interest to transport policy, such as the design of road safety public information campaigns, the adoption and diffusion of new transportation technologies and services, and more.



Researchers at I4C have undertaken cutting edge research to inform health policy and health system design. Read more about how we are helping governments and industry answer questions about ageing, quality of life, nutrition and more. 



Researchers at I4C continue to pursue a range of research topics into the natural environment, agriculture, urban design and more. Through partnerships with industry and government, our research will shape public policy in key issues affecting Australians and across the globe, including housing affordability and alternative energy sources. 

Areas of study and research

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