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The School of Education Research was established to bring all of our research activity into one space to provide focus, scale, and coherence for our students, staff, and other stakeholders.

Researchers in the School of Education Research advocate for a contexualised understandings of ‘education’ across the life-span including child-care, schools, training institutions, universities and sites of informal learning. ‘Education’ is essential for nation building, social cohesion, social justice, sustainability, identity formation, and economic development.

Our research is committed to:

  • Advancing social justice in education as a theoretical, practical and policy problem
  • Sustaining respectful dialogue between academic and practitioner knowledge
  • Advancing multiple perspectives on educational problems through ‘voiced’ research with very young people, school students, educators, parents, and policy actors.
  • Examining the policy and practice concerns of our key stakeholders including school systems, schools, the training sector and early childhood providers.
  • Connecting up with global knowledge networks across Asia, Europe, Africa and America
  • Developing our own research-informed practice as teacher educators
  • Examining curriculum, pedagogy and assessment as interconnected
  • Advocating for pedagogies of negotiation between educators and their students
  • Examining how social change impacts on our students, on educators’ work, and the educational project of the nation
  • Researching developments in communication and information technology and their effects on education

Key research themes include:

Wellbeing, technology, inclusion
Literacy, superdiversity, text production/prosumption
Childrens’ Voices and participation as learners and citizens
Early childhood education
Respectful leadership and teaching
STeM, professional learning, new technology
Critical pedagogy, policy, practice

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