Tracks and topics

This conference intends to explore and showcase how research evidence is being translated into practice within allied health from perspectives of: healthcare users, practitioners, administrators, and policy makers. Important themes being explored within this conference include:

Allied health evidence into practice globally

  • Updates in putting allied health research into practice
  • Challenges and strategies to address the barriers in putting allied health evidence into practice
  • Experiences and examples of evidence into allied health practice
  • Examples of putting evidence into practice in allied health
  • Problem identification in the health care setting
  • Implementation of strategies to improve health care delivery and outcomes
  • Evaluation of the strategies- lessons learned

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) as vehicle for putting evidence into practice

  • The role of CPGs in putting evidence into practice
  • The different CPG methods
  • Experiences in doing CPG work
  • Developing CPGs
  • Implementing CPGs
  • Evaluating CPGs

Quality of life and health economics in allied health

  • The effectiveness of allied health care delivery on improving patient quality of life and/wellbeing,
  • Short term and long term impact of allied health interventions on the healthcare budget,
  • Sustainability of patient quality of life and/wellbeing through allied health intervention,
  • Economic evaluation of allied health interventions.
  • Evaluation of allied health care interventions in inpatient, outpatient settings and community dwelling. 
  • Impact of allied health approach on patient quality of life and or wellbeing in a multidisciplinary setting.
  • Integration allied health services in the healthcare system
  • Use of financial incentives/behavioural economics to improve access and retention of allied health services

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Areas of study and research

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