iCAHE is a very active research institue with steady research output. All members of iCAHE contribute and grow the bredth of evidence produced by the centre. Our publications are sourced both from the independent research of our team, and steming from the wide and varied projects which we have conducted over the years. Our list of publications is updated on a 3-monthly basis. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or are interested in any collaborations. 

Publications History: 





Current Publications, 2016-17:

Dizon JM., Grimmer K., Louw Q., Young T., Machingaidze S. 2016. South African guidelines Excellence (SAGE): Adopt, adapt, or contextualise? The South African Medical Journal. VOl 106, No 12.



Mine K., Nakayama T., Milanese S., Grimmer K. 2016. The effectiveness of conservative management for disabled throwing shoulder in baseball: a systematic review of Japanese-language primary studies. Physical Therapy Reviews.



Osborne B., Thoirs K., Parange N., 2016. The effectiveness of simulation training in the teaching of skills required for sonographic fetal assessment in mid-trimester pregnancy to novices: A pilot study. Australian Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. 



Parange N., Marks K. 2016 Teaching clinical diagnostic reasoning and research-minedness in obstetric and gynaecologic sonography online using Research Skills Development Framework. Sonography.



Price K., Grimmer K., Foot J. 2016. Is the Australian 75+ Health Assessment person-centred? A qualitative descriptive study of older people’s perceptions. Australian Health Review. 



Stewart H., Boshoff K., Weeks S., 2016. Parental adherence to a Research Protocol in Investigate the Effect of the Wilbarger Therapressure Program TM: A qualitative Study. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy.



West M., Boshoff K., Stewart H., 2016 A qualitative exploration of the characteristics and practices of interdisciplinary collaboration. South African Journal of Occupational Therapy. 



Wiles L., Milanese S. 2016 Stakeholder perspectives of the Extended Scope Physiotherapy practitioner (ESPP) role in Australia – a qualitative study. Physical Therapy Reviews. Published online 21 Nov 2106 pages 1-8.



Book Chapters: 

Parange N., Embedding ePortfolios in a Postgraduate Medical Sonography program. ePortfolios in Australian Universities, Springer, Singapore. Ch 9. Pp. 135-154

Areas of study and research

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