Research institutes and centres

The University's seven flagship research institutes and 17 research centres are delivering fundamental advances in knowledge to address the needs of our changing world. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, UniSA's research facilities cross boundaries and bring together a great diversity of ideas, generating significant advances in technologies, theories and applications of knowledge.

Among our research facilities are a number of national research centres, including Cooperative Research Centres. We rank an impressive fifth in Australia for funding received to support CRCs.

Our institutes and centres provide a vibrant research environment for our research degree students, who often work within or in close alignment with a research facility.

Take a closer look at our research institutes and centres.

Research Institutes

Barbara Hardy Institute

Centre for Cancer Biology

Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

Hawke Research Institute

Future Industries Institute

Institute for Telecommunications Research

Sansom Institute for Health Research

Research Centres

UniSA Business School

Centre for Accounting, Governance and Sustainability

Centre for Workplace Excellence

Institute for Choice

Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences

Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety

Centre for Sleep Research

Research Centre for Languages and Cultures

Centre for Islamic Thought and Education

Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment

Advanced Computing Research Centre

Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Defence and Systems Institute

Phenomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre

Centre for Water Management and Reuse

Natural and Built Environments Research Centre

Centre for Regional Engagement

Centre for Rural Health and Community Development

Externally-funded research centres

Australian Centre for Child Protection

Centre for Research Excellence for the Prevention of Chronic Conditions in Rural and Remote High Risk Populations

International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding

Medicine and Device Surveillance CRE: Sansom Institute for Health Research

Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour

Areas of study and research

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