Are you experiencing menopause hot flushes/night sweats?

Participants wanted!

Are you experiencing menopause hot flushes/night sweats?

We want to find out whether sunlight can improve hot flushes. You are invited to participate in the research project to help answer this important question.

Who can participate?

(Please contact us to find out more details)

  • Currently Have ≥ 2 hot flushes daily OR 14 hot flushes per week
  • Have experienced hot flushes for ≥ 30 days prior to study entry
  • Currently employed at 0.6 (3 days/wk or more)
  • Will continue with the current work schedule for the next 6 months
  • No diagnosis of severe mental illnesses OR major cardiac conditions
  • Not on any of the following medications/treatments in the past 2 months, now and in the next 6 months.  
  1. Chemo and/or radiation therapy for cancer treatment
  2. Hormone replacement therapy: estrogen/progestogen, androgen
  3. Bilateral oophorectomy

What do I get from this study?

  • $100 shopping voucher for successful data collection.
  • A free assessment of your light exposure pattern (particularly sunlight) and hot flushes

What do I have to do?

  • Fill in one (1) baseline questionnaire (15-20mins)
  • Wear a light/temperature logger for 7 days in all your waking hours in both summer and winter
  • Complete one (1) 7-day Hot Flush Diary and one (1) 7-day Indoor Outdoor Light Exposure Diary in both summer and winter (apprx. 30 mins/wk to complete both diaries)  

Dr Andie Xu; Tel: 08 83022531; Email:; Working hrs: Monday-Friday, 0800 - 1700hrs

This study has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committees at Central Adelaide Local Health Network (R20171018) & University of South Australia (200246)

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