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The Hawke Research Institute, with eight research centres and approximately 120 members, is Australia's largest social science and humanities institute.

With its mission to help create sustainable and just societies, the HRI produces world class research and innovation, and generates research outputs of high quality leading to innovation, change and demonstrable improvements in the world.

The University of South Australia, from its inception, has been committed to the value of the humanities and social sciences in helping society to set directions and solve problems. The Hawke Research Institute is one way of expressing this commitment.

The institute is positioned within UniSA's Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences and was named after Australia's longest-serving Labor prime minister. The Hawke Research Institute was established in 1997 to undertake public policy research in association with the newly established Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre. In 2004 the institute was expanded, with a strong commitment to working towards social inclusion, equity and social sustainability.

The Hawke Research Institute houses two nationally funded research centres including:

  • International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding
  • Australian Centre for Child Protection

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Our approach

The Hawke Research Institute seeks to foster transdisciplinary research of the highest quality while actively contributing to public debate at local, national and global levels.

Our research strengths promote UniSA’s commitment to engage meaningfully and creatively with society to address the major issues and priorities of our time through multidisciplinary humanities and social sciences research.

Our strengths include:

  • social theory
  • cultural studies
  • identity studies
  • globalisation theory
  • postcolonial studies
  • work and life
  • child protection
  • conflict management
  • education and literacy
  • equity and gender issues
  • social policy
  • muslim and non-muslim understanding

Within and across these areas – and across the university's broader expertise in such fields as urban development, the environment, public health, business and information technology – researchers work in a number of networks and clusters to address contemporary social problems. Our vibrant program of seminars includes contributions from many national and international visiting scholars, our own leading researchers and research students. We have an ongoing commitment to engaging deeply with a range of social theories, research methodologies and the interface between research and policy.

If you are a researcher interested in becoming a member of the Hawke Research Institute please visit Research and Innovation Services' membership requirements page.

Recent reports

Hawke Research Institute annual research report 2014 (PDF 4MB)
Hawke Research Institute annual research report 2013
Hawke Research Institute annual report 2012 (PDF 10 MB)
Hawke Research Institute annual report 2011 (PDF 2 MB)
Hawke Research Institute report 2009–2010 (PDF 1 MB)

Our research concentrations

Australian Centre for Child Protection
Director: Prof Fiona Arney

This centre is developing evidence-based approaches to preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect. Through research and professional education it seeks the best practices to prevent and reduce child maltreatment in vulnerable and high-risk populations.

Centre for Peace and Security
Director: Dr Adam Simpson

The Centre for Peace and Security (formerly the Centre for Peace, Conflict and Mediation) develops ethical, inclusive, just and culturally sensitive theories and practices of conflict resolution and peace building.

Centre for Postcolonial and Globalisation Studies
Acting Director: Prof Anthony Elliott

The Centre for Postcolonial and Globalisation Studies harnesses the breadth of contemporary postcolonial perspectives to examine questions of power and representation that impact on the development of sustainable modern societies.

Centre for Research in Education
Director: Assoc Prof Robert Hattam

CREd leads research within the School of Education and is especially concerned with social justice, lifespan development and learning, and sustainability.

Group for Research in Integrity and Governance
Convenor: Assoc Prof Howard Harris

The Group for Research in Integrity and Governance (GIG) conducts research and engages with practitioners in the areas of corporate governance and many aspects of integrity.

International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding
Director: Prof Riaz Hassan

The MnM Centre encourages scholarship that examines and understands the root causes of the divide between Muslim and non-Muslim cultures and develops models to bridge this divide.

Research Centre for Gender Studies
Director: Dr Cassandra Loeser

The Research Centre for Gender Studies fosters excellence and creativity in research and postgraduate teaching on gender. Research areas include gender, work and economy; gender and education; and gender and cultural studies.

The Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations
Executive Director: Prof Anthony Elliott    Associate Director: Prof Susan Luckman

The Centre examines migration, asylum and protection issues in an environment where war and conflict, climate events and global economics are acting as an ever-present catalyst for large-scale movements of people.

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