Hawke EU Centre Represented at the EU-Australia Leadership Forum in Brussels

Leadership Forum

The Hawke EU Centre’s Executive Director, Professor Anthony Elliott, and Research Director of the Centre’s research platform on ‘Industry 4.0, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence’, Dr Eric L. Hsu, will join the delegation of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum (EUALF) in Brussels, Belgium later this year in November.

The EU-Australia Leadership Forum (EUALF) is a unique project in the EU's suite of public diplomacy actions and demonstrates a shared commitment to the already strong bilateral relationship. The Forum's overall objective is to broaden and deepen existing EU-Australia ties and in so doing, help shape the vision for the partnership, based on the future EU-Australia Framework Agreement and forthcoming EU-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Professor Elliott will represent the Hawke EU Centre at the EU-Australia Senior Leaders Forum, a high level event that brings together key European and Australian leaders from Government and Opposition, business, media, education and civil society. The Senior Leaders Forum will provide input and ideas to diversify and intensify the EU-Australia relationship in key areas. Professor Elliott will contribute his extensive research experience in key Forum topics including Industry 4.0, Digitalisation, contemporary mobilities, civil society in the EU-Australia relationship.

After a competitive selection process, Dr Eric L. Hsu has been invited to attend the EU-Australia Emerging Leaders Forum. The stated goal of the EU-Australia Emerging Leaders Forum is to bring together young European and Australian leaders ‘to provide input and ideas designed to diversify and intensify the EU-Australia relationship in key areas’.

Dr Hsu will contribute, among other things, his growing expertise in the study of robotic and automated technologies. In 2017, he and other members of an ARC Discovery Research Project led by Hawke EU Centre Executive Director, Professor Anthony Elliott, were invited to give expert testimony in an Australian Governmental Inquiry into ‘Social issues relating to land-based automated vehicles in Australia’.

Dr Hsu is currently a Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Creative Industries at the University of South Australia. More information about his research profile can be found at his website: www.ericlhsu.com.

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