Aeromobilities Network


A network of research and business partners investigating the pressing issues facing Australia and the EU in relation to border security, protection of citizens, and matters of human rights arising in response to increased aviation and air travel.



Anthony Elliott 

Professor Anthony Elliott





Professor Anthony Elliott is the Executive Director of the Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations, and project leader of the Aeromobilities research node - Innovating European Mobilities.


Sven Kesselring

Prof Sven Kesselring

David Bissell

Dr David Bissell

Ingrid Biese

Dr Ingrid Biese

Dr Prudence Black

Lucy Budd

Dr Lucy Budd

Ralf Blomqvist

Mr Ralf Blomqvist

Peter Adey

Prof Peter Adey

James Wickham

Prof James Wickham

Gillian Fuller

Dr Gillian Fuller

Ross Harley

Prof Ross Harley

David Radford

Dr David Radford

Thomas Birtchnell

Dr Thomas Birtchnell

Bo-Magnus Selenius
Bo-Magnus Selenius
















Areas of study and research

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