Research Projects

The China-Australia Centre of Urban Development is a multidisciplinary research-intensive collaborative centre that focuses on sustainable urban development in the Asia-Pacific region. The existing partnership between the University of South Australia and Tianjin University in China reflects Australian and Chinese approaches and perspectives towards sustainable urban development. The rapid urbanisation of China and other Asia-Pacific nations has imposed heavy environmental burdens on the region’s people, industries and governments.

There are a large number of critical issues facing urban growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Research at the Centre revolves around various topics including:

  • Developing green infrastructure systems and technologies
  • Increasing resource efficiency and waste reduction
  • Strategies to advance the Circular Economy
  • Technologies and systems for low carbon development
  • Designing healthy and sustainable public spaces
  • Mitigating urban heat stress, air pollution and related issues
  • Material flow reduction and low carbon construction strategies
  • Retrofitting existing districts with low carbon technologies and systems
  • Low-carbon living in high-density cities, including behaviour change strategies
  • Water pollution, water quality and control, and the ‘sponge city’

Research Diagram

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Areas of study and research

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