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The China-Australia Centre for Sustainable Urban Development’s main focus is to develop more effective strategies and technologies for managing sustainable growth in cities across the Asia-Pacific region. The Centre is dedicated to exploring the opportunities and challenges of a region set to experience rapid urbanisation and population growth within the next 20 years. The Centre’s ambition is to create more sustainable urban environments and to facilitate sustainable urban growth whilst minimising its negative impacts on the environment.


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Researchers and students from both universities work together in a collaborative culture that encourages innovative thinking and high-quality outcomes. The Centre focuses on academic research, consultancy and training, involving such disciplines as environmental science, civil engineering, architecture, urban planning and design.

 Our cooperative activities include:

  • Research and teaching exchanges between faculty staff and postgraduate students
  • Joint supervision of PhD students encouraging exchange and engagement
  • Collaborative research, publications and symposia organised with key partners
  • Consultancy services to industry and government.

As China develops, it is experiencing acute problems particularly in its urban areas. Over 50 per cent of the population currently lives in cities. Air and water pollution, severe traffic congestion, quality of life issues, housing and health all fall within the ambit of the Centre’s research priorities. These are:

  • A.    Low Carbon design, development, construction and implementation 
  • B.    Pollution and waste reduction in the urban environment 
  • C.    Implementing the Circular Economy in the Asia-Pacific region 

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Areas of study and research

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