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The Centre for Sleep Research has a broad research agenda split between basic, applied, and clinical projects. A number of our projects form part of a concerted research effort into work safety, either partnering with Safework SA or contributing to the work of UniSA's Cooperative Research Centres for Rail Innovation and Bushfire.

  • Basic research projects, conducted in our state-of-the-art sleep research laboratory, typically investigate the underlying physiological processes that affect sleep and memory.
  • Applied projects are generally carried out in the field, often working with industry to investigate the effects of working conditions on sleep and fatigue. We also investigate human factors issues, such as why highly trained experts make errors, or how people form situation awareness.
  • Clinical research advances our understanding of how to treat common sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnoea. 


We regularly recruit subjects to participate in research projects. This could involve driving a full-cab interactive train simulator, staying awake through the night, going without daylight or other time cues for a week or more, and generally finding out more about how you perform when going without sleep or recovering from it.

To register your details as a potential volunteer, please contact the Centre on 08 8302 6624 or send us an email.

Areas of study and research

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