Multiliteracies and Global Englishes Research Group

How are literacy and language practices evolving in the context of global changes in technology and mobility? Through the interrelated study of language, literacy and literature, the Multiliteracies and Global Englishes research group addresses this question.

We are concerned with exploring what counts as communicative competence in these times and how people learn to participate in literacy and language practices across diverse socio-cultural contexts. We also ask what pedagogies and designs for learning are needed.

Our projects span a range of contexts: early childhood to adult learning, formal institutional settings, virtual and material environments and diverse local and trans-local situations. Members of the group bring experience working with a range of industry partners including education systems, professional associations, local governments and community groups. We have international collaborations in Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, China, North America and the United Kingdom.

Strengths: literacy and language learning, multiliteracies, bilingual and multilingual education
Emerging themes: geosemiotics, digital communication, networked educators

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Key research areas

  • Literacy and Language Learning
  • Multiliteracies
  • Bilingual and multilingual education
  • Innovative methods for researching multiliteracies and multilinguality
  • Communication in the digital age


Sue Nichols (Group Leader) 
Zheng Lin (Deputy Group Leader) 

Cindy Brock
David Caldwell
Garth Stahl
Greg Restall
Jenni Carter 
Jill Burton
Lyn Kerkham
Michele de Courcy
Monica Behrend
Ngoc Doan
Phil Cormack
Sue Hill 
Anne-Marie Morgan (Afflitilate - University of New England)
Kathleen Heugh (Affiliate - UniSA, School of Communciation, International Studies and Languages) 
Pauline Harris (Affiliate)
Collette Snowden (Affiliate - UniSA, School of Communciation, International Studies and Languages)
Shashi Nallaya (Affiliate - UniSA, Learning and Teaching Unit)

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