Our Focus

Our Focus

Academic Research

We engage in first-class and cutting-edge academic research with a focus on Islam and Muslims within an Australian/Western context.  

Research topics include:

  • Interconnectedness of civilisations: Islam and the West
  • Contextualisation of Islamic thought
  • Islamic schooling renewal: school improvement, quality teaching and learning; Islamic and Arabic studies; pedagogy and curriculum; and teacher training, informed by the philosophy and principles of Islamic education and best contemporary practice
  • Management and leadership as a practice and theory; a combination of contemporary and Islamic focus
  • Family relationships and combating domestic violence
  • Islam in Australia
  • Islam, culture and identity
  • Islamic banking and finance.


Our staff have extensive experience in teaching university level courses in Islamic and non-Islamic areas such as:

  • History of Islamic civilisation
  • The scientific enterprise in the Islamic civilisation
  • Islamic law
  • Islamic finance
  • Islam and the media
  • Islamic education (including matters related to teaching philosophy, pedagogy, worldview, vision of Islamic schools, Islamic studies, behaviour management, character education and school-home partnerships)
  • Criminal and Forensic Psychology
  • Psychology of the Justice system
  • Family relations
  • Leadership processes.

We will offer a host of Islamic studies programs for communities, schools, government departments and non-government and corporate organisations.

Islamic Education/Schooling:

Would you be interested in furthering your knowledge in Islamic pedagogy to be able to teach in an Islamic school or in schools with a high number of Muslim students?
Or are you an experienced educator wanting to expand your knowledge, pedagogical and practical skills to promote effective and inclusive learning in a diverse educational settings for Muslim students? 
Register your interest to receive updates on potential up-coming educational program opportunities for 2018. Register at unisa.edu.au/cite/updates

Teacher Training and Professional Development Programs and Courses:

Connect with the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education and access:

• Short courses and certificate programs• Islamic School Induction Programs for new staff

• Islamic Studies short courses for teachers

• Workshops and short courses tailored to needs of schools

Express your interest at unisa.edu.au/cite/updates

External engagement

It is our deep conviction that academic research and teaching must positively impact on external engagement with community, media, government and NGOs. This is at the heart of CITE’s philosophy. 

The CITE strives to be a voice of expertise, enriched by a deep understanding of the Islamic faith and Muslim peoples within an Australian context, to empower the community to meet the many challenges with strength, dignity and wisdom. The CITE will actively engage with government, NGOs and media to enrich both dialogue and positive partnerships with Australian Muslims, informing policies pertaining to them, and inform reporting of Islam and Muslims in the media.   

The CITE will genuinely engage with, and benefit from, members of the Australian Muslim communities: the youth, women, the religious and the administrative leadership, as well as the community at large; giving them a voice and ownership to issues that affect their lives in Australia.  

The CITE will actively engage with the wider Australian community, the Australasian and international communities, and collaborate on projects and programs of mutual benefit.

Areas of study and research

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