About the Centre

About the Centre

"We envisage a revival in Islamic thought for empowerment  of communities through research, education and engagement."

Our philosophy is to promote empirical research informed by Islamic methodologies, philosophies and pedagogies, cognisant of the unique Australian context.

It is our deep conviction that academic research and teaching must positively impact on engagement with community, media, government and non-government organisations. It must empower vulnerable and disempowered communities. This is at the heart of our philosophy.

Bringing together researchers specialising in Islamic civilisation, psychology, ethics, leadership, management, finance and education, our staff has extensive academic experience in Islamic studies, and importantly, substantial understanding of the needs and aspirations of the Australian Muslim communities. Our staff have actively participated in the affairs of the community for the last two decades and are well placed to explore issues that affect them, and engage with them in a holistic and grounded way.

Our approach is strength based and does not examine the Muslim community as a ‘subject’ of inquiry that is inscribed by ‘otherness.’

The Centre will have major, ongoing impact on the deeper understanding of Islam and Muslims, and their place in Australia and the modern world. We will provide a model for research, teaching and community engagement that are informed by a comprehensive understanding of Islam and Muslims based on Islam’s sacred traditions and contemporary realties.

Our centre will engage with academics, journalists, politicians, and the wider community in order to inform, educate, and build bridges of understanding, and to promote a spirit of interconnectedness.

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Areas of study and research

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