Premier’s Research and Industry Fund - International Research Grant Program

Thermal energy storage systems can offer large capacity energy storage for heating and cooling operations at a tenth of the current cost of electrical energy storage systems such as batteries. There are a number of activities that are either wholly or partly supported by the Government of South Australia under The Premier’s Research and Industry Fund - International Research Grant Program.  This funding is being used in supporting the following international collaborative efforts and research initiatives with the goal of further developing and promoting thermal energy storage solutions.

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International collaborators, EU Funded INNOSTORAGE project

INNOSTORAGE is an international environmental project, led by the University of Lleida and financed by the European Commission whose main goals are to save energy and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by finding new ways to store thermal energy using phase change materials. Together with UniSA the project supports collaborative research from the Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) over a 4 year period. This project brings together over 30 experts from the Universities of Barcelona (Spain), Lyon (France), Ben-Gurion (Israel), Auckland (New Zealand), South Australia (Australia), and Auburn (USA), and is led by the team at the GREA unit of the University of Lleida’s (UDL) research units. 

Increasing the energy storage capacity of molten salt using nano-particles

The project will investigate the use of nano-particles as a means of increasing the energy storage capacity of molten salts. This will enable low energy systems to be more cost effective, as well as increase the uptake of renewable energy. The influence of the type, concentration and size of the nano-particles will be studied. Moreover, the experiment will be conducted in larger scale to ensure industry that the process is scalable and reproducible. 

Other supported projects

The The Premier’s Research and Industry Fund - International Research Grant Program also supports the promulgation of developments in high and low temperature phase change material (PCM) applications.  Specifically, the high temperature PCM work with the Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative (ASTRI) and low temperature PCM used for refrigeration with ARENA, Glaciem Cooling Technologies and The Solar Project.



Areas of study and research

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