Development of high temperature molten salt mineral processing techniques

The first phase of the project will evaluate the feasibility of separating molten salt mixtures at high temperatures (> 800°C). The ability to develop novel technology for reaction, separation and purification processes in molten salts without the need for aqueous processing will result in significant energy, water and cost savings with a reduced ecological footprint.  The project also aims to study the settling behaviour of particulates in a high temperature salt melt.

The knowledge developed in relation to the mechanical and materials engineering issues involved with transferring and separating solids from highly-reactive molten salts at high temperatures can be adopted in other applications such as solar power plants, high temperature thermal energy storage, molten salt reactors, glass optical property modification and refining for other minerals.

Funding is provided by Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA), Mining Industry Participation Office of South Australia (MIPO) and Centrex Metals Limited

For further information, please contact A/Prof Frank Bruno