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2014 publications 

    • Arney, F., McArthur, M., Moore, T. & Chong, A. (June, 2014). 'Evaluation Report for the Inter-generational Trauma Initiative at the Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School (the Murri School)', Final report, delivered to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation.
    • Bromfield, L., Hirte, C., Octoman, O. & Katz, I. (May, 2014). 'Child Sexual Abuse in Australian Institutional Contexts: Final Report', delivered to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
    • Bromfield-Smith, L.,  Arney, F. & Higgins, D. (2014)  'Contemporary issues in child protection intake, referral and family support', in Alan Hayes & Daryl Higgins (eds), Families, policy and the law : selected essays on contemporary issues for Australia, Australian Institute of Family Studies, pp. 121-130.
    • Gullo, M. J., Loxton, J. & Dawe, S. (2014) 'Impulsivity: Four ways five factors are not basic for addiction', Addictive Behaviours Vol 30, Issue 11.
    • Herbert, J. (2014). ‘Researching Evaluation Influence: A review of the literature’, Evaluation Review,  vol. 38, no. 5 pp. 388-419 (featured as ‘Top Read’).
    • McDougall, S. & Gibson, C. (2014).  'Advancing Visibility of the Child in Adult and Child and Family Services', Communities, Children and Families Australia, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp.  21-35. ISSN: 1833-6280.
    • McDougall, S. & Lewig, K. (submitted). 'The role of personal resources in university student's well-being and study engagement'. Journal of Positive Psychology, Taylor & Francis.
    • McDougall, S. & McLean S. (submitted). 'The contribution of child maltreatment to social anxiety disorder: A review of the published literature from 2002-2013',  BMC Psychiatry.
    • McLean, S. (under review). 'Enhancing care for children placed out of home with challenging behaviour: some suggestions from the literature', Children Australia.
    • McLean, S. & Octoman, O. (under review). 'Supporting foster carers to manage challenging behaviour: a review of the recent literature on supports'. Children and Youth Services Review.
    • McLean, S. & McDougall, S. (2014). 'Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Current issues in awareness, prevention and intervention', CFCA Paper No. 29 – December 2014.
    • McLean, S.,  McDougall, S. & Russell, V. (2014). 'Supporting children living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: Practice principles',  Practitioners Resource.
    • Octoman, O. & McLean, S. (2014). 'Challenging Behaviour in foster care: What supports do foster carers want?', Adoption and Fostering, vol. 38 no. 2, pp. 149-15.
    • Reid, N., Dawe, S., Harnett, P., O’Callaghan, F., & McLean, S. (submitted). 'Using a self-regulation framework to understand difficulties in children with FASD: A review of the literature'. Drug and Alcohol Review.
    • Roche, A. & Scott, D. (submitted).  'Child and parent sensitive practice: The perspectives of alcohol and other drug workers'. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.
    • Salveron, M., Finan, S. & Bromfield, L. (Dec 2013). 'Why Wait?: Engaging with children and young people in child protection research to inform practice', Developing Practice, Issue 37, pp. 26-36.
    • Spratt, T., Nett, J., Bromfield, L. Hietamaki, J., Kindler, H. & Ponnert, L. (2014).  Child protection in Europe: Development of an international cross comparison model to inform national policies and practice.  British Journal of Social Work, doi: 10.1093/bjsw/bcu109.
    • Staiger, P. & Dawe, S. (accepted),  Modifying the risk associated with an impulsive temperament: A prospective study of drug dependence treatment. Addictive Behaviours.
    • Winsor, T. & McLean, S. (submitted), 'Residential care workers' perspectives on the occurrence of mental health problems amongst adolescents in residential care', Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, Taylor & Francis.
    • Winsor, T. & McLean, S. (submitted). 'Residential care workers' recognition of children's mental health problems', Journal of Emotional and Behavioural Disorders.
    • Zufferey, C. & Gibson, C. (submitted). 'Bringing together professional education and research: influencing Social Work education to improve practice outcomes for children, Communities, Children and Families Australia.
    • Zufferey, C. & Gibson, C. (July, 2014) 'Collaborating to focus on children in Australian social work education', Social Work Education, pp. 1-14, DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2014.940889.


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Titles by Hannah

Titles by Hannah Baker

In these profound books, Hannah draws upon her teenage diaries to provide rare insights into her real-life experience of child abuse. Tailoring her books to the different reading levels of a young child, teenager and adult, Hannah describes her experiences of the criminal justice system and the ongoing impacts of the abuse on her life. She provides crucial advice for those who are experiencing abuse and/or those who are supporting young people who may have been abused, as well as her ideas on how abuse can be better prevented and responded to in the future.

'Dealing with Sexual Abuse: A Young Australian's Insights' was first released as an e-book in May 2014. Since then, this updated and comprehensive book has been widely used in the fields of child protection, youth work, mental health, education (primary, secondary and tertiary), abuse prevention, criminal justice and policy reform; as well as by parents, carers and survivors of abuse.

Visit to learn more.


Front cover of resource bookletA Guide to Understanding the South Australian Child Protection System: Why are children removed?

Dr Mary Salveron co-developed this resource for the Family Inclusion Network of South Australia and the Child and Family Welfare Association of South Australia. 'Why are children removed?' aims to help parents, their families and friends understand how and why certain things are done by Families SA and where help can be found for them.

View this resource booklet.

For further information about this resource booklet, please contact the Family Inclusion Network of South Australia.


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