Our people

Professor Maureen DollardProfessor Maureen Dollard Centre Director
Director: Work & Stress Research Group

Research interests:
Workplace psychosocial risk factors
Australian Workplace Barometer
Workplace mental health
Psychosocial safety climate
Rural psychology 


Associate Professor Michelle TuckeyAssociate Professor Michelle Tuckey

Research interests:
Psychosocial influences on well-being at work, particularly workplace bullying
Acute stressors (e.g., potentially traumatic events, such as those attended by 
emergency services personnel)
Emotion regulation at work
The pathways to work engagement



Professor Tony WinefieldProfessor Tony Winefield

Research interests:
Psychology of unemployment
Organisational stress
Learned helplessness




Ms Tessa BaileyMs Tessa Bailey

Research Interests:
Psychosocial risk prevention and intervention: Psychosocial Safety Climate at the macro-level





A/Prof Phil KavanaghAssociate Professor Phil Kavanagh

Research interests:
Evolutionary, Personality and Social Psychology
Sociometer Theory
The Dark Triad
Life History Theory



Dr Sarven McLintonDr Sarven McLinton

Research interests:
Workplace bullying
Cross-cultural psychology
Instrument development
Delphi method
Anger and work stress



Dr Valerie O'KeeffeDr Valerie O'Keeffe

Research interests:
Healthcare human factors and ergonomics
Work organisation, job design, job quality and well-being at work
Participation, consultation, communication & worker health and safety & well-being
The prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders
The management of psychosocial hazards and prevention of work-related
psychological ill health
Work (occupational) health and safety legislation and policy development


Dr Silvia PignataDr Silvia Pignata

Research interests:
Sleep research in children and adolescents
The impact of organisational stress-reduction interventions on employee
Well-being and work attitudes
Psychosocial aspects of occupational health and safety
Psychological injury and the prevention of work stress
Human Factors: Interaction of people and socio-technical systems within the work environment.


Dr Harry SavelsbergAssociate Professor Harry Savelsberg

Research interests:
Sociological and policy investigations of young people experiencing challenging





A/Prof Tahereh ZiaianAssociate Professor Tahereh Ziaian

Research Interests:
Transcultural Mental HealthCross-Cultural Psychology
Immigration, acculturation and intercultural relations
Cultural diversity in health care and cross-cultural communications
Refugee and Migrant Youths issues
Overarching interest in health inequities, specially multidisciplinary and multi-method approaches to understanding inclusive and appropriate health care


Honorary Appointments:

Professor Jan de JongeProfessor Jan de Jonge
University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Research interests:
Work and Organisational Psychology
Human Performance Management
Advanced Methods and Statistics



Professor Christian DormannProfessor Christian Dormann
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Research interests:
Work and Organisational Psychology
Human Performance Management
Advanced Methods and Statistics



Associate Professor Akihito ShimazuAssociate Professor Akihito Shimazu
The University of Tokyo

Research interests:
Mental health
Occupational mental health
Behavioral science
Clinical psychology
Public health educational and social psychology