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As Federal and State COVID-19 restrictions being to ease, the University has released a recovery plan which includes a timeline of how we will safely phase all teaching, operations and working arrangements back to on-campus delivery.

To help guide staff and students, we have created a set of principles to support the return to campus along with a roadmap and dedicated set of FAQs.

Principles for the return to campus

The following principles have been developed to support the planning for staff and students returning to campus.

  1. The health and well-being of our staff and students are of paramount concern and our planning will take into account both the potential for a second wave of infection and the impact of transitioning staff back off campus, by actioning all reasonable precautions to guard against the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among our University community.
  2. We will take a staged approach to returning to on-campus activities to provide opportunity to assess the impact of larger gatherings and to enable us to respond appropriately, minimising where we can the impact of transition for staff and students.
  3. As the University progressively resumes on campus activities, supervisors and staff will ensure they enact appropriate social distancing and working arrangements at all times in accordance with the University’s social distancing protocol.
  4. Our approach to returning to on campus activities will recognise the specific needs of those members of the University community who may be particularly vulnerable to the impact of contracting COVID-19.
  5. Staff who have their supervisor's approval, may continue to work from home, or an alternative location, and will review their agreed plan with their supervisor at regular intervals, to ensure they have appropriately considered the work task and health and safety requirements and that they are regularly connecting with their colleagues, team members, direct reports, supervisors and students.
  6. Staff and students will share responsibility for the safe use of University facilities, ensuring they abide by social distancing protocols and support necessary hygiene practices and cleaning protocols as locally advised and managed.
  7. The University will ensure that staff are communicated with regularly throughout the staged return and that support through this transition, and for their ongoing development and personal wellbeing, will continue to be a priority.

Specific requirements for implementing safe working, such as management of laboratories, studios, workshops, core animal facility etc, will be issued through the relevant area of the University (eg ISTS for technical advice, SAS and SEU for the detailed approach to restoring student services on campus) but all plans will adhere to these core principles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For commonly asked questions about returning to campus, please visit the following pages.