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The best way to become work-ready is to apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world environments. Work Integrated Learning (WIL) helps you to acquire these skills and earn credit towards your degree.

WIL in ITEE may take the form of:

  • A placement in industry
  • An internship
  • An industry project (can be done on campus or in a real workplace)
  • Virtual projects and activities
  • International education programs that combine theory with practice

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Am I eligible?

WIL experiences are available to both domestic and international students enrolled in most undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Some WIL experiences are compulsory for certain degrees, while others are elective. If you are unsure about what is available for you, contact your Program Director or School.

Information about WIL courses on offer in ITEE (by discipline) is provided in the WIL in ITEE - Guide for students.  

How do I find a WIL opportunity?

For WIL to be supported by the University it must be integrated into a course, and must include assessment for academic credit.

Once you have enrolled in a WIL course, you will be given specific instructions on how you are expected to source your project/placement/WIL activity.  Students will be expected to use InPlace to manage their opportunity.

For more information, please read the WIL in ITEE - Guide for Students.

Where do I find more information?

For more information download the WIL in ITEE - Guide for Students.