United Way

United Way's Mission is to ensure that every child can read, learn and suceed in lIfe.

Students particularly with a nutrition background are sought to:

  • Develop 12 months’ worth of pamphlets to go in to ‘United We Read’ mail outs that get delivered directly to children 0-5 around healthy/fun eating options (different topics could cover each month such as: healthy party options, what’s for dinner when it’s 40 C).
  • Lunch/box offerings – showcasing numerous options and bearing in mind various challenges with fussy, allergy and/or intolerance issues.
  • Healthy family meals – economical options. A challenge for many families we work with and of particular interest to those from other cultures who are used to different food choices that are  not as readily available in Adelaide.
  • Option to run information sessions particularly in relation to the above areas. Sessions can be run from ‘Possum’s Playhouse’ operating from an empty shop space in Elizabeth City Centre

Community Partner

Kerry Davies

Community Impact Manager

United Way

Areas of study and research

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