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Materials, Minerals and Manufacturing Symposium

In celebration of the official opening of the Materials and Minerals Science Building at our Mawson Lakes Campus, UniSA is hosting a symposium on the topic:

Materials, Minerals and Manufacturing - what does the future hold for these industries in South Australia?

Developing South Australia’s natural resources and mineral wealth and the development of advanced materials and manufacturing are increasingly important industry sectors to our future economic development, with the potential to provide significant employment and wealth to the state.

This will require government, industry and universities to work more collaboratively to engage in research and development of these industries to maximise the potential benefits, but will also require these industries to be focussed on innovation and the development of high value added export orientated products to be globally competitive.

This symposium brings together a selected audience of more than 90 key stakeholders, industry leaders and researchers from government, industry and Universities to share ideas and strategic thinking from a range of perspectives with the aim of initiating continuing dialogue and planning for future cooperation and collaboration in South Australia.