Research Areas

The Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Centre (AMRDC) undertakes research under three broad research areas as follows:

On-Farm Machinery

 Applied or fundamental research and machinery performance testing are offered in addition to the development and manufacture of prototype equipment. Special expertise lies in the areas of tillage and seeding, chemical spraying, and harvest machinery. A large proportion of projects is related to adaptive field machinery research both in Australia and overseas, focussing in particular on the development of integrated engineering solutions in conservation agriculture and no-till farming.

Post-Harvest Processing Technology

This area was developed in response to industry and government demans for practical technology solutions within the Australian food, feed and fibre industries. Activities include sorting, sizing and separation; production audits, process development; designing and manufacturing of specialised plant and equipment.

Engineering Services

Utilising computerised design and modelling software combined with purpose developed testing facilities, a key component of this area lies in custom designed and built solutions to individual problems. Expert witness service is also provided where research engineers offer independent expert opinions on a range of engineering related matters.

To learn more about research undertaken in these areas, please visit our Research Projectspage.