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Research to Reality Expo

CRC LCL Adelaide Expo - May 15 2019

Over the past seven years the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL), has worked closely with the University of South Australia (UniSA Node) and five other universities across Australia, to develop next-generation, low carbon materials and technologies to help develop sustainable cities.

During May and June 2019, the CRCLCL staged a series of nationwide events to celebrate seven years of continuous research with its university and industry partners. The Expo’s celebrated and marked the closure of the CRCLCL at the end of June 2019.
In South Australia, UniSA hosted an Expo on May 15th at the Science Exchange to showcase regional highlights and CRCLCL achievements.


Session 1
Theme: Legacy

Engaging locally - the experience of the UniSA Research Node for Low Carbon Living
The Hon Dean Brown AO, Chair SMC UniSA Reasearch Node for LCL & Professor Wasim Saman, UniSA

CRCLCL legacies
Dr Stephen White, CRCLCL

Session 2
Theme: Physical & Social Infrastructure

The Integrated Carbon Metrics (ICM) Project
Subject: Energy and embodied carbon
Dr Ke Xing, UniSA

The ClimateClever Initiative: Students leading the way to a low carbon future!
Subject: Low Carbon Schools Community Program
Dr Vanessa Rauland, Curtin University

LCL Australia program
Subject: Low Carbon Tourism and Communities
Associate Professor John Merson, UNSW & Executive Director BMWHI

Application of Aerobic Granular Sludge for energy efficient wastewater treatment and reuse
Subject: Energy benchmarking for water recycling project
Dr Michael Short, UniSA & Dr Ben van den Akker, SA Water

Session 3
Theme: Urban Development

Urban Heat/Cooling Cities, UHI Decision-Support Tool & Index
Subject: Urban Heat/ Cooling Cities
Dr Henry Petersen, UNSW

Sharing Economy Mobility Services - normal brands or a true behaviour disruption? 
Subject: Sharing economy mobility services project
Associate Professor Anne Sharp, UniSA

Adelaide Living Laboratory Hub: Lochiel Park, Bowden & Tonsley
Subject: Adelaide Living Laboratory Hub
Professor Wasim Saman, UniSA & Andrew Bishop, Renewal SA

Session 4
Theme: Behaviour Change

Reality TV: changing the world? Making the world a better place one renovation at a time 
Subject: Behaviour change and demonstration projects (My Renovation Planner and Renovate or Rebuild reality tv series)
James McGregor, Blue Tribe

Warm, cool, comfortable – mainstreaming high performance housing
Subject: ZEH (Zero Emissions Homes)
Dr Josh Byrne, Curtin University

Closing speech
Dr Stephen White, CRCLCL

Program: [PDF 1MB]
Speaker Introductions: [PDF 1.5MB]
Presentations: Videos of all presentations are available to view via each presentation title above as well as on theme pages below.