Industry Friends Forum - 14 May 2018

The following presentations were delivered to the Industry Friends of Low Carbon Living Industry Forum held on Monday, 14 May 2018:

  • Josh Smith, ProManage Australia
    Discusses the creation of the Sundrop facility
    Presentation: [PDF 1.5MB]
  • David Homburg, Hassell
    Discusses designing high performing buildings based on Hassell's research into the best sources of information to improve decision making
    Presentation: Unavailable 
  • Johan Velleman, Seeley International
    Discusses Seeley's innovative cooling technology that is revolutionising the wine industry
    Presentation: [PDF 2MB]
  • Claude Dagescy, IXL Solar
    Showcases the cutting edge of solar tracking technology
    Presentation: [PDF 938KB]
  • Dominic Beshara, Embertec
    Showcases their intelligent in-home system energy management system that puts you in control of your energy
    Presentation: Unavailable
  • Stephen Seeley, Seels Technology
    Discusses Seels Technology's world leading stone aggregate replacement product which reduces the environmental impact of concrete
    Presentation: Unavailable
  • Peter Pudney, University of South Australia
    Discusses his in-cab energy management system used around the world to help train drivers stay on time and use less fuel
    Presentation: Unavailable