Industry Friends Forum - 16 August 2018

The following presentations were delivered to the Industry Friends of Low Carbon Living Industry Forum held on Thursday, 16 August 2018:

  • Simon Schrapel, CEO for Uniting Communities
    Provides an insight into the creation of UCity, a world-leading 6 Star Green Star designed community in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD
    Presentation: [PDF 1MB]
  • Mark Harrington, myCar Green
    Showcases a new chauffeur driven electric car service offering a low carbon alternative to taxis and Uber
    Presentation: [PDF 7MB]
  • Sandy McCathie, Adelaide City Council
    Discusses the latest achievements of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide program
    Presentation: [PDF 984KB]
  • Anne Sharp, UniSA
    Presents research findings on the growing market for sharing economy mobility services
    Presentation: [PDF 1MB]
  • Edwin Foong, Enwave
    Dicusses the innovative district energy facility being developed at Tonsley featuring battery storage, photovoltaics and plenty of smart technologies
    Presentation: [PDF 1MB]
  • Adrian Ferraretto, Tindo Solar
    Provides an insight into the creation of Australia’s only PV manufacturing plant, and the ongoing success of Tindo Solar
    Presentation: [PDF 1MB]

Areas of study and research

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