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PhD Scholarship in Laser and Photonics

The Laser Physics and Photonic Devices Laboratories (LPPDL) at the University of South Australia is offering three PhD Scholarships in the field of Optical Physics and Engineering. LPPDL is a newly established photonics group at the School of Engineering which is led by Prof. Tanya Monro, Prof. David Lancaster and Assoc Prof. Shahraam Afshar. The laboratories have world-class optical material processing, laser physics, fibre tapering, and optical fibre characterization facilities. LPPDL's focus is in the area of chip and fiber based laser and photonic devices and ‘light trap’ structures ,such as whispering gallery mode microresonators. In this context, we are seeking highly motivated and productive students, eager to develop new skills and determined to achieve ground-breaking outcomes in the field of photonics. 

Research Field
Optical Physics, Engineering (Photonics and Electro-Optical Engineering), Technology (Optical Fibre Communications)

Tuition fee + Stipend (equivalent to AUD $25,849)

Closing Date
21 September 2015.

For more information contact:
Shahraam Afshar

Associate Professor
School of Engineering

Areas of study and research

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