Laser Physics and Photonics Devices Laboratory

Welcome to the Laser Physics & Photonics Devices LaboratoryThe Laser Physics and Photonics Devices Laboratories (LPPDL) is a new photonics research group now established at the Mawson Lakes Campus of the University of South Australia. The LPPDL brings together experimental physics, theoretical modelling, and engineering with an aim to develop new types of photonic based sensors, lasers, and advanced materials and manufacturing processes. The lab has a distinct focus on working with industry and applying advanced photonics concepts to address industry challenges.     

The laboratories are housed in the Q building, and made up of four semi clean-rooms and dedicated laser laboratories equipped with optical tables, a CNC configured ultra-fast machining laser system, and a photonics devices fabrication laboratory. The laboratories are supported by mechanical and electronic services provided by the School of Engineering.

The academic group members have track records in the areas of:

  • laser and non-linear physics;
  • fibre based sensors;
  • guided wave lasers including planar and fibre geometries;
  • optical fibre design and glass fabrication
  • lasers for field deployment (spectroscopy and electronic warfare);
  • development of new active and passive glasses;
  • non-linear frequency conversion;
  • theory and modelling of non-linear optical phenomena;
  • Measurement of material non-linearity and dispersion;   

Capabilities of the LPPDL:

  • Laser development and characterisation including spectral, power, temporal and spatial covering the visible through to the mid-infrared
  • Optical fibre cleaving and splicing
  • Glass waveguide fabrication/ FBG inscription, including an ultra-fast femtosecond system (four-axis air-bearing CNC stages, Imra fs laser); diamond-saw CNC; waveguide polishing;
  • Materials spectral characterisation, high resolution optical microscope


Research Fellows

Dr George Chen
P: +61 08 830 24747

Dr Dale Otten

Dr Wenqi Zhang

Research Associaties

Mr Uche Okoru


Fiona Piantedosi

Ms Mamoona Khalid

Mt Jeff Boobhun

Ms Fatemeh

Mr Soroush Shahnia


Dr Peter Lesniewski

Dr Dmitrii Stepanov                                 







Areas of study and research

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