University of South Australia’s High Temperature Test Facility (HTTF) Launch

Mr Nigel Sweetman, Professor Tanya Monro, Professor Simon Beecham, Professor Wasim Saman


The recently commissioned High Temperature Storage Test Facility (HTTF) was officially launched on 12 May 2017.

Funded primarily by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the University of South Australia, the High Temperature Test Facility (HTTF) is a state of the art facility for the evaluation of high temperature thermal storage and high temperature system performance evaluation. 


The HTTF provides a much needed capability to test prototype scale systems for storing thermal energy at high temperatures, of up to 900°C. One of only a handful of facilities globally, it was developed to provide industry and research institutions with a testing service needed to support the development of high temperature thermal energy storage for solar thermal power and industrial processes.

Professor Simon Beecham welcomed the delegates from industry as well as academia, followed by an address by Professor Tanya Monro. ARENA representative Mr Nigel Sweetman concluded the initial proceedings.





Following the launch, UniSA's research in thermal energy storage was showcased in a number of presentations. Professor Wasim Saman began with a presentation of high temperature thermal storage research. This was followed by Mr Julian Hudson, the CEO of Glaciem Cooling Technologies and concluded with Professor Frank Bruno on other thermal storage industry applications.


 The event concluded with lunch with industry networking with researchers from UniSA.




Areas of study and research

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