Low Carbon Living Research Symposium 2015


The Low Carbon Living Research Symposium 2015 was held on 10 November and provided a window into the rich diversity of multi-disciplinary research undertaken at UniSA addressing the global challenge of reducing the carbon emission impact of the built environment. The symposium highlighted research across fields such as energy, transport, waste and water; and discussed investigations into improving urban microclimates, creating sustainable homes, and emerging new technologies.

The keynote address waspresented by Dr Stephen White, head of CSIRO's Energy Efficiency Research, and Program Leader for the CRC for Low Carbon Living’s Engaged Communities Program. Stephen provided a first-hand insight into the national research program that is shaping our transition towards a low carbon future. 

This was followed by series of presentations from each of the current Research Node for Low Carbon Living and Adelaide Living Laboratory  research students and postdoctoral fellows.

A copy of each of these presentations can be found below.

Research Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Presentations

RP2002 Energy, Transport, Waste and Water

Ivan Iankov 'Market uptake of fuel efficient technologies'

RP2005 Urban Microclimates

Ehsan Sharifi, 'Thermal resilience of outdoor activity patterns and their correlations with urban structure, landscape and skin cover'

Gertrud Hatvani-Kovacs, 'Heat stress resilient built environment'

RP2008 Wastewater Biosolids

Chin How (Norman) Goh, 'Greenhouse gas emissions and soil carbon sequestration (South Australian case study)'

RP2017 Recycled Water Systems

Ilda Clos, 'Optimising energy use performance in water recycling for low carbon precincts'

RP3017 Adelaide Living Laboratories

Aaron Davis: Co-creation toolkit, 'The application of co-creation as a methodology for low-carbon urban development'

Catherine Kain: Value proposition of low carbon living, 'The value proposition of low carbon transit oriented developments'

Dr Manju Agawal: Precinct tool case studies, 'Precinct tool case studies'

Dr Peter Pudney: Electricity demand management, 'Energy lessons from the Adelaide Living Laboratory'

NP1001 Research Node for Low Carbon Living

Charles Ling: Food waste carbon impact, 'Food waste carbon impact'

Hulya Gilbert: Child friendly precincts, 'Child friendly precinct design for low carbon living: Improving policies and decision making tools'

Kirrilie Rowe: Zero carbon communities, 'Designing precincts for maximising renewable energy'

Sleiman Farah: Combined PV and solar thremal technology, 'Photovoltaic thermal system for off-grid zero energy homes'

Sormeh Sharifi: Thermal comfort design, 'Methods to achieve thermal comfort in top floor of multi-level detached dwellings which comply with current Australian thermal regulation codes'


This event was held in the Bradley Forum, City West Campus, North Terrace, Adelaide

Areas of study and research

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